6 Chewable Beef Flavoured Heartgard Plus for Medium Dogs Heartworm 25-50lbs (136mcg)

6 Chewable Beef Flavoured Heartgard Plus for Medium Dogs Heartworm 25-50lbs (136mcg)

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One Mosquito is all it takes to transmit heartworms to your dog.

Heartworm larvae are transmitted by infected mosquitoes. When the infected mosquito bites, the larvae pass through the tissue into the bloodstream. 47-67 days later they reach the arteries of the lungs where they continue to develop and grow.

Once they arrive in the lungs, at three months post-infection, they can start to do damage.

What Exactly Is Heartworm Disease?

  • Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition in dogs

  • It is caused by worms that spend their adult lives on the right side of the heart and the large blood vessels that connect the heart to the lungs

  • It is transmitted through infected mosquito bites

  • Dogs of all ages are susceptible to infection

  • Signs range from no sign at all to persistent cough, fatigue, fainting and weight loss

  • Heartworm disease is usually detected with a blood test

  • Treatment is an expense for the owner, and a painful, prolonged ordeal for the dog

  • Prevention of heartworm disease is recommended versus heartworm disease treatment.

Year-Round Prevention Is Recommended


If your dog tests positive for heartworm, treatment can be risky, expensive, and often involves hos​pitalization. Prevention of heartworm disease is highly recommended.

HEARTGARD® Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) Chewables are proven effective to prevent heartworm disease and are made with real beef that dogs love.2 Ask your vet about them to learn more.